Getting Started
This Section contains some Useful links, Overview of what you can do on InfiIoT Platform and also some information for geeks.
Setting-up Account
This section covers how to create your InfiIoT account, updating your profile and findinf your auth-token key!
Monitor Dashboards
This section will guide you through all the features that InfiIoT dashboard offers and how to make the fullest use out of it!
This section allows users to keep track of all the devices and the variables using interactive charts and tables.
Events & Triggers
This section shows how you can set events to send alerts and notifications to those who need to know when they need to know!.
This section will let you know how reports help users to track devices over time and make high-level decisions for improvement in processes .
Know how to use your data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes.
Security Tips
This section covers how to secure data in the cloud, protect data integrity while in transit over the public internet, and securely provision devices.